I am interested in learning more about Rosa Abbott, she would have been a third class passenger, She comes form St. Albanshurst England. I have family that comes form England and also were the Abbott’s of Abbey, Please if any one knows about Rosa or Stanton Abbott, I would love to hear from you. Cheryl Abbott


There is a woman named Cheryl who notes being related to Rosa Abbott. In reality, she is related to two other people aboard the RMS Titanic. Rosa Abbott (rather than Rosa and Stanton) was accompanied by Eugune (age 13) and Rossmore Abbott (16) on the maiden voyage. They were her young sons. After refusing to leave the Titanic because a crew member wouldn’t allow her boys to accompany her, (they were children, but the rule stated that all people of the male gender over 8 were men) Rosa waited for the final plunge with her boys before they all jumped off the deck. Rosa struggled in the water, and when she made it to the surface her boys were nowhere to be found. She found herself aboard Collapsible A (the overturned collapsible) a short time later. She is known as the only woman to go down with the Titanic and live to tell about it. Rossmore’s body was recovered a week later, and the notes taken from the body clearly say that at least ONE person would’ve interpreted him to be at least 22 years of age, a factor which would make his chances of survival even limmer. Rosa’s husband, Stanton, was not aboard the Titanic. He was a former middleweight boxing champion in England, while Rosa was a soldier in the Salvation Army, and also did some sewing for a living. She boarded the Titanic because her boys were homesick, having moved to England after a time in Providence, Rhode Island. The injuries Rosa sustained from the hours she spent on the overturned collapsible were severe, and her life after 1928 (she had been living in Florida for 14 years by then) is a great mystery.