Hi, my name is *Pillar See. My Great, Great, Granddad, his wife, and my Great, Great, Uncle were all first class passengers on the Titanic. They all traveled overseas as salesmen for the Houghton, Lee & Hoyt Company many times in their lives. They were all very rich, so I hear. The three boarded the Titanic in Southampton going to Stamford Conn. I think that My GG Uncle (William Hoyt) was going to keep traveling past the point where my GG grandparents were going to settle down, he was going back to New York. When the Titanic struck the iceberg, my GG Grandparents were able to get their bodies onto the last lifeboat to work successfully. (collapsibleD) I’m sorry to say, but William didn’t make it. He went down with the ship of dreams. Boat 14 found him alive, though, and struggled to pull him on board. When they had him, they saw that he was bleeding from the mouth and nose due to water pressure. He was also suffering from hypothermia. Fifth Officer Lowe reported “After we got him in the boat we took his collar off so as to give him more chance to breathe, but unfortunately, he died. He was too far gone when we picked him up.” He was later buried at sea by sailors of the Carpathia. Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Maxfield Hoyt lived to tell the story of the experience. Fredrick joined the Larchmont Yacht Club, the same club in which fellow survivor, Henry Anderson, was also a member.