Oldest Memories

Oldest Memories


Oldest memories of a time long ago
I thought was just a dream set aglow.

Water surrounds the world I see
and it was closing in on me.

The red of blood through waters deep
draw closer now with no sound to speak.

A symbol now is what does reveal and spark
A wavy shape, I see, of two white crossed marks.


If not a dream, then what memory
And what does this memory mean?

The truth be known in later years
That it was a memory with tears.

My oldest memories that haunts me to this day
Is of a time where death called but I got away.

For I fell into a pool as a young baby of three
And to the bottom sinking down soft and free.

As a gallant man jumped in to save the young lass
And he wore swimming trunks of red with white crosses

A thing that was in my mind now and then
that would haunt me for all time and again.

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen

The Gallant man was my Dad.


  1. StePhanie

    What a beautiful poem.

  2. Lys

    I have a poetry project coming up in school and would like to know if I could possibly base my project off this poem.


    Another piece which is written in a style that one can understand. It pulls the reader into the poem and lets them feel the aura of the words and to be able to achieve this one must be a brilliant writer and poet.
    I ove and understand your work and if you can get the readers doing that then you have achieved a great deal. A most creative piece of writing.
    Oliver Plaice

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