My Mother

My Mother

My Mother

Thank goodness I have the mother I have because you see,
I don’t think any other mother would have put up with me.

When I was young before I was one I had a tumor in my eye,
The doctors told my mom “now don’t let her cry”,
If I had cried I would have totally lost my sight,
But thanks to my Mother I can see alright.

When I was a teen I was invited to my first prom,
I was outfitted like a princess all thanks to my Mom.

When I grew older and had kids of my own,
And it seemed trouble times were blown,
And when all seemed lost – it was mom I could call,
She would make me feel loved like when I was small.

Now that I am older and my kids are all gone,
It is mom that I call in the morning dawn.

I don’t think any mother could have loved me more,
And Mom is the person I love and adore.

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Family
Written by Lady Kathleen

For Mom on Mother’s Day

Margaret, My Mom

This is Beautiful Mom in High School

Kathleen High School

This is Me (Kathleen) in High School

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