About Lady Kathleen and the Enchanted Poetry Website

The Romantic Lady kathleen

Lady Kathleen has been writing poetry for over 30 years.
This is just one of the few ventures that Lady Kathleen is involved in.
Lady Kathleen’s poetry mostly will tend to reflect her life and moods.
Some will even develop from bad times but mostly they deal with the good times.
Website Designing at Website Designing Plus is another venture that Lady Kathleen has been involved with for many years.
Lady Kathleen is a firm believer that website should be done Right. Her favorite motto is:
Do You Want it Done or Do You Want it Right?

Genealogy is another venture that Lady Kathleen has been involved with for many years.
At her site Enchanted Family she has over 10,000 persons listed in her genealogy and it keeps growing.
She has found some very interesting people in her heritage, like Royalty of many countries,
Pilgrims, The Captain of the Titanic, Lady Godiva, and Presidents of the USA.

Medieval Life is something that Lady Kathleen been looking into for many years.
Lady Kathleen feels this is a very romantic time to have lived, if you were in the royal court.
You can find out about her medieval interest at Enchanted Castles.

Other than building websites, Lady kathleen likes to chat about politics. You can see what she has been up to at Yes-23.

You can also find her out and about on social media when she has the time!



Thank you, to all my readers, for taking the time to stop by and read my poetry!  I hope there was something here that you enjoyed!  Please leave comments to let me know you stopped by, and have fun with the ratings if you would like as well!

If you are a poet and would like to submit some of your work here! please let me know!  Also make sure that you subscribe as a user so that I can set you up.

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